About Us

The Hair Swan is a new and improved wig storage system. It was created out of the need to offer an effective way for wig wearers to store, protect and transport wigs.

Over the years, wigs have become a part of everyday living, they provide personality and encourage versatility.

In every 106 women, 89.62% of them were found to own a wig. These wigs need to be stored, protected and trans-ported to empower each individual to be who they have chosen for the day.

Current methods available to do this provide various setbacks. Usually, catering to one or two but not all of these needs.

Our Products

The Hair Swan is a patented product specifically designed to address problems with wig storage, protection and transportation.


Our products are affordable and accessible to all women.


The Hair Swan is guaranteed to last a lifetime with proper use and care. It is made of very sturdy material that ensures no easy breakage and long-term use

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