The Hair Swan 6 Pack Bundle

The Hair Swan 6 Pack Bundle


Your favorite Hairswan in a pack of 6.

The Hair Swan is a new and improved wig storage system. A must-have accessory for all wig wearers as it offers an effective way for you to store, protect and transport your wigs. With a wig bag that protects against dirt, dust, and water splashes, the Hair Swan’s two internal large compartments will also allow you to keep some hair accessories like brushes and clips so that it’s also easy to transport your wigs while traveling in both train cars or airline baggage.


Contains 2 Black Hair Swans, 2 White Hair Swans and 2 Pink Hair Swans

Hanging Hook similar to a typical hanger: This helps to ensure that wigs can fit seamlessly in closets, racks, etc

An Adjustable Retracting Mechanism: To secure hair once fired on a hanger

Anti-slip Technology: Ensures wigs are firm in stored position

Aerated Bag: For long-term protection and easy identification

S-Surve: with a well-rounded base designed to maintain the shape of the wig and prevent closures and frontals from wearing out.

One size fits all

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